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Saturday, October 8, 2022

New Territory + Redwine Jam

Supported Charity for the month- The Atlanta Food Bank

We require masks and proof of vaccination or recent Covid test. $10 donation per person requested

7:00 :: New Territory

New Territory

New Territory was started in 1989 by Melissa Gordon Rhine. Her idea was to have a project that would allow growth and enjoyment for the musicians involved while moving along a creative corridor where any musical genera could be explored. New Territory is a group of individuals dedicated to creating positive music. Improvisation is the main “spice” members bring to the ensemble. The nucleus of the New Territory ensemble consists of Singer/songwriter Melissa Gordon Rhine and Guitarist Michael Rhine.

8:00 :: Redwine Jam

Redwine Jam

Despite its name, Redwine Jam is not a sweet alcoholic concoction suitable for spreading on toast. Still, folk music fans find it appetizing and heady! A performance by the folk band Redwine Jam carries the audience on an emotional rollercoaster complete with high-spirited roots music, wry humor, gripping story songs, love ballads, and the sheer joy of homemade music.

Redwine Jam is an Atlanta-based folk music trio comprised of Chris and Carol Moser and Brenda Lloyd. They perform a wide range of North American and Celtic folk songs and tunes, from traditional material to newly written compositions by contemporary folk legends. They accompany their vocals with guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, flute, pennywhistle, bodhran and harp (not all at the same time).

Redwine Jam has developed a strong following at coffeehouses, festivals, private parties and other events in the Atlanta area and elsewhere in the Southeast. Whether they’re performing a program of American folk, Celtic, a mixture of both, or their multi-media concert exploring the American Folk Revival, an evening with Redwine Jam is a delectable treat.