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Archive- Saturday, November 9, 2019

Blackfoot Daisy + Bill Kahler

Supported Charity for the month- Toco Hills Community Alliance

8:00 :: Blackfoot Daisy


Blackfoot daisies are hearty wild flowers that grow on the prairies of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. You can find them growing naturally in the Texas Blackland prairie, which runs from the Red River to the Texas-Oklahoma border.The band is humble trio (sometimes duo) that plays original, Americana style music. We are based in the Atlanta metro area. Band members include Don Sechelski, Adam Sechelski and Wendy DuMond.

We are a little haunted by the prairie, the wind, the shifting of tall grasses, the sound of crickets, and a lonesome train whistle drifting through the night.Artists We Also Like: Gillian Welch, James Taylor, David Ramirez, Lashbrooks, Jimmy Robinson, Martha’s Trouble, Wendy DuMond, Trapper’s Cabin

9:00 :: Bill Kahler


Bill Kahler is a musician based in the Atlanta area with several different musical sides.

He plays mostly covers for a living, but a huge part of what he does involves making his own music. He plays keyboards, saxophone, guitar, and also percussion, mandolin and bass.

He has released 6 singer/songwriter CDs in a folky Americana style. Lots of acoustic guitar, earthy vocals and very thought out lyrics. He also has a group called UFOfarm, which is a studio thing, in an electric jazzy style using unusual forms and sonic textures. Lots of synths, drum loops and saxophone, but also odd acoustic stringed things, which vary greatly mood-wise.